93 Lincoln Town Car



I am looking at purchasing a 93 Lincoln Town Car with only 79K on the mileage. It passed VA state inspection but I am going to have another mechanic check it out that is not “in” with the car dealer. It rides really smooth but with a little extra movement in the front when you are cruising. Nothing else noticeable. What should I be looking for and make sure that the mechanic looks at?


“Panther” platform Fords are very reliable. (Vics, Marq. TC) The only weakness in the front end are the control arm bushings and maybe shocks. For 3 grand or so, you can’t go wrong…


My sister has a 93 town car with a lot more than 79K. It’s a great car.

Make sure it was recalled for the defective cruise control switch. Otherwise it could ignite into flames without warning.