Intake and Idle/Ford Ranger 2003

I have a Ford Ranger Level II 2003. I had to replace an intake hose that became dry rotted. Now instead of the truck dying when it idles it dies when I put it in park. I checked for leaks in the intake hose I just replaced and nothing. It will start right back up and run in park as I sit there, but after I drive, it stalls when I put it in park again. I love my truck! Any ideas?

Check engine light on?
Did you plug the MAF wiring back in?

Wires all back in and the check engine light when I replaced the hose. It has not come back on. It has been a week since I did that and rechecked to see if I had anything unhooked or leaking today.

Sorry my typing. I reset the check engine light when I made the initial repair a week ago. It has not come back on.

Guess I could add some more info as I sit here and get frustrated. In drive and neutral the truck idles around a little above 1000 RPM. In park before I drive it, it idles just under 1000 RPM When I drive it then park it, the RPM drops to about 500 and then dies. I can start it right back up and it will run again until I go back to park it. I understand that the idle is all computerized and it has to relearn. I would think that would do that in the first driving session. Could it be a problem when the pressure builds?

I would clean the idle air control valve. This sits on the throttle body and is what controls the airflow when you’re not on the throttle. They get gummed up with carbon over time and can get sticky.

Of course, that’s just a guess, but cleaning it can’t hurt and costs next to nothing - just a little time and some throttle body cleaner. You’ll want a new gasket handy or some material to cut a new one out of.

1,000 rpm at idle is a bit high. You should be down in the 700-800 range. So there is likely still an air problem somewhere. Could be the IAC - could be another vacuum line or two.

Thanks. I will try that.

Should have mentioned that while you’re at it and messing around there with throttle body cleaner - might as well clean your throttle body. Ford uses a coating on theirs so you need to use actual throttle body cleaner rather than carb cleaner or something.