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93 Thunderbird 3.8

I’m working on a 93 thunderbird with a 3.8 in it and no check engine lights are on.
The engine races at about 2500 rpm in neutral, I changed out the TPS but the idle still was way too high.

My first thought was a vacuum leak and I did find one hose that was rotted away. I then tested for vacuum leaks
by spraying some brake cleaner around the intake and all the lines and fittings, but the engine stayed at a constand rpm.

My next guess is the Throttle Air bypass valve.

What do you guys think, or am I heading in the wrong direction.


The Idle Air Control valve is the number one reason the idle goes crazy on Fords.

When the idle speed is high, take the handle of a screwdriver and rap on the IAC valve . If the idle speed changes replace the IAC valve.


Thanks Tester. Now I have to go see what the part looks like so I can find it tomorrow.



Thanks again Tester.
This car is owned by the same person that I mentioned last week, with the broken out ignition.
"2005 Sebring attempted theft key cylinder pried out"
I’ll have to update that one for everyone.

I just got her column out the other day and she pulled in with this problem.
Now she has two cars broken down. I’d like to get this one back on the road tommorow so at least she has transport.


@Tester ,The Idle air control valve was the right call. Now at least she has one car.

I pulled in to put the IAC on and she told me of another problem.

The boyfriends puckup with a dump box that she has been using broke too. The shifter on the column…when you pull it out of park, just drops to first gear/lo. I presume it’s a broken cable but didn’t really have time to check it out.

I told her that she is jinxed and to stay away from my truck. :slight_smile:

Thanks again.