High Idle Problems

I own a 99 ford ranger 2wd 2.5L 5spd. I have had trouble with the idle going up and staying high while driving. I replaced the IAC, TPS, and i also just replaced the throttle cable. None of these have solved the idle issue. I really dont want to keep guessing and spending money on parts that wont fix it. Any suggestions would help, thanks.

Have you checked for vacuum leaks? The best way is to have someone do a smoke test. You can also cheaply take a propane torch, rig a hose on the end of it, turn on the gas (but don’t light it!) and fish it all around your vacuum lines and connections. Include the intake manifold and the intake tube. You’ll notice a change in idle if you hit a leak.

Clean the throttle body - use only throttle body cleaner which is supposed to leave the coating on your throttle body intact.

Both of these things are cheap and easy and can’t hurt anything.

Is there a check engine light on?