'93 Ford Probe won't start

My son has a '93 Ford Probe that is not getting power to the key switch. He has power to the fuse box but that’s it. Seems someone that was working on it for him and hooked up the battery wrong, blowing fuses. Replaced ALL the blown fuses but still no start. My question is are there fuses or fusible links from the fuse box to the ignition that could be causing this problem or is the problem in a different area? thanks

So u mean motor will not crank when key is turned?

Right. When you turn the key on, you get no indication that it’s even turned on, no indicator lights, nothing. but we’ve got power to the fuse box.

If the battery was hooked up wrong, why was it disconnected to begin with? What was original issue?

Here is a diagram, both Manual and Automatic. There is a starter interrupt relay that could be bad or the fuse to it.

Again, thanks for the info. We started checking relays in the power distribution box, found one bad one but it went to the A/C. Pulled the relays and checked for any burnt ones, plugging them back in if they looked good. when my son hooked up the battery the flashers were working. Now the car runs but we’ve got find the short in the headlights. Thanks,

Flashers? Emergency blinkers? How are they connected to the headlights?