Start Problem and Short Fuse



I have a 5 speed, 94 Honda Civic that will turn over but not start. Sometimes, if I press down on the gas, it will start. This problem is not consistent. I have replaced the battery, my friends have checked the air filter, the spark plugs, and the fuel pump all of which they said were fine. Any ideas?

My second problem is: I keep blowing the fuse for the horn and brake lights. My friends are going to replace the switch on the brake and the switch for the cruise control on the clutch. Could these two problems be related?


I am not sure on your car, but I would not be surprised if they are related. The do share some common parts on some cars.

I would suggest that you check and see if any error codes have been stored on the computer. There may be codes even if the CEL is not on. Some auto part stores will read the codes for free.


You need some wiring diagrams and a digital voltmeter. The wiring diagrams are at I doubt that just changing some switches will help the problem. The two wires are probably touching each other (in an inappropriate manner) snd shorting out, blowing the fuse.

#4 Highlight, copy, and paste this on your address (url) bar. It’s the wiring diagram: Fig 24. Once it comes up, click on the little square in the corner, next to the red X, to enlarge to full page. You can down-load and print the Fig.


OR, you can just click on it and scroll down to Fig 24.


It sounds like your friends are not mechanically inclined and are just wild guessing.

It’s difficult to say without knowing if the problem is fuel or spark related, but the first things I would look at regarding the no-start condition is either the main relay or the electrical part of the ignition switch.

It’s also highly unlikely that replacing the switches are going to resolve a short issue. The problem is more than likely going to be in a chaffed harness or in the steering column.