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93 Ford Escort with a BAD shake!

I have a 1993 Ford Escort with around 250,000 miles on it. It is the 1.9l automatic, it is a 4 door wagon. When driving, mainly at interstate speeds, (50-75 MPH) I have a bad shake and shimmy in the front. I feel it in the steering wheel, I can visibly see my door panels shaking, I can feel it in the pedal as well. HOWEVER, as soon as I release the accelerator the shake goes away. I suspect it is either a CV joint or a wheel bearing. I also have begun to hear a pop, pop, pop, when accelerating on a turn from a stop (left or right turn at a stop light). The car only cost me $700 2 years ago and I am trying to decide if I should repair it or buy another recycled vehicle. Any help!?!?!

That is almost certainly a bad CV joint or two. This is really not a big deal to repair, especially if you have the tools and time to do it yourself.

You should also check the engine and transmission mounts - but the popping noise does point toward the halfshafts.

I took a look at the drivers side halfshaft and it has a NAPA sticker on it, this means to me that it was replaced. How can I check which one needs replaced?

Check for a worn lower ball joint. Because if that’s causing the shaking and popping noise and it fails, you can lose control of the vehicle.