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Ford Escort going "clunk"

95 Ford Escort manual with 199k miles.

Whenever I start accelerating from 0, or as I decelerate and get close to 0, I hear a “clunk” from what I think is the right front wheel well. What I expected that to be was a CV joint. What the local shop is telling me is struts. That make sense? At $850, that’s a big chunk of the value of the car.

I wouldn’t guess struts. But, of course, I can’t look at it. My first guess would be about a bad motor mount. My next guess might involve a CV joint depending on the nature of the clunk. Next I’d be looking at sway bar links and ball joints.

Either way, just go get a second opinion.

Just in case, do you ever do any work on the car yourself? I have a '97 and recently replaced my front struts for $300 - “quick struts” from Strutmasters (though you can buy these lots of places). These are fully assembled units - pull out the old and pop in the new. No spring compressors or assembly/disassembly. Six bolts per side.

Actually, it sounds more like a very cheap and easy to replace u-joint. Maybe $50, parts and labor.

ricks03 - don’t go anywhere asking anyone about U joints. Your car doesn’t have any.