93 Eagle Vision has rough steering before warming up

I checked the power steering fluid, but it’s fine. What happens is after I start the car and try to turn the wheel there is a grinding/vibrating sound and the steering wheel starts to vibrate. It will steer, but I’m weary about turning too hard as it feels like something is catching. Could this be a bearing issue? I’ve had to replace those before (about 7 years ago). I notice the pully to the power steering mechanism is slightly wobbly, and I emphasize slightly. You have to really look at it to notice it shaking. Once it’s warmed up it won’t display these symptoms. Thoughts?

3.3L TSI, 197k miles

It could be a bearing or tensioner issue but it is most likely you need a new steering rack.

Thanks! I’ll take a look at it and see what i can come up with.