Steering Wheel

When the car is cold it is difficult to turn the steering wheel. This problem goes away as soon as the car warms up. Does not occur when the temperature outside is warm only cold weather. What is causing this problem?

What age and mileage is the G20? Has the power steering fluid ever been changed? It also could be the power steering belt is loose. Do you hear a loud squealing when starting the car that goes away once warm?

1996 72,000 miles - The oil was just changed and I asked them to check the car they told me that the tie end rod was worn but could not find anything else wrong. No squealing. IF it is the belt why only when cold?

What you’re describing is called “Morning Sickness”. This where the spool valve seals/bore in the rack and pinion assembly are effected by cold temperatures.

When you turn the steering wheel, you also turn the spool valve in the bore to direct the hydraulic pressure from the power steering system to provide steering assist. If the seals/bore on the spool valve start leaking when it gets cold, this hydrauic pressure is allowed to go to both sides of the rack and pinion assembly, so steering assist is lost. Once the power steering fluid gets hot, everything expands slightly where the seals/bore no longer leak. And steering assist returns.


Do I need to do anything? Will I cause damage driving the car without addressing the problem?