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93 Chrysler 5th avenue/Newyorker dies?

Ok so I recently went car shopping and bought this car from a family memeber. Its in good condition on the inside and out its been a garage kept car sense birth. New rebuilt transmission has been put in along with many other things you would do to keep a car going oil changes every 3000m. Here’s the problem for some reason every 100 miles you have to re fuel the car back to the very top or it dies. We have had the gas tank taken off several times the gas cap has been changed computer checked out. But for some reason if it is not always full of gas it will die later on and the only way to get it to come back to life is to put more gas in or stick a pen or pencil down in the gas tank opening and push the flap down to let air in. Then get gas to be safe. Its really annoying considering how well kept this car has been. I feel its something that can be fixed easy if I only new what it was so any help would be great thanks.

Are You Sure You Have To Fill It Up Each Time?

Have you tried your stick or pen procedure without filling the tank? Could that just be a “red herring”?
I’m wondering if the tank is not venting properly and once enough vacuum is created, the pump can no longer draw fuel.

We had an old Volkswagen where I worked, with a mechanical fuel pump that ran with a pinched off vent on the gas tank and when enough vacuuum was created by a dropping fuel supply, the car quit, dead. That old mechanical pump was strong enough to partially collapse the tank, which had to be replaced. That made the diagnosis easier.

I don’t know how venting works on these vehicles. Maybe a tech who knows his/her New Yorker (Chrysler) venting can chime in and support or trash my theory.

What about it Car Freak, have you tried everything when it quits without doing the refueling bit, just letting it breathe?

No I can’t say that I have just let it breath without refueling due to the fact of be scared it might die on me. I suppose that would be a good test to do though to kinda get a better idea of what is going on with it.

Ok so now it does what I stated above but not only that sparks fly from under the hood on the driver side. Wheels aren’t locked up and I was able to drive it home so I have no idea. I did notice this rebuilt transmission thats in there seems a little rough at times I dunno

Wow! “…sparks fly from under the hood on the driver’s side.” I can’t wait until you open the hood and investigate that phenomenon… sometime soon!