88 Chrysler New Yorker dies sporaticaly

I have an 88 New Yorker whos digital amp gauge swings between its lowest and highest setting this makes the audio command center report electrical malfuntion service immediatley. Shortly after the car dies it will restart after 15 to 30 minutes. It doesn’t throw any relavent codes, has had the alternator replaced still no luck. Any ideas?

“It doesn’t throw any relavent codes…”

Any codes at all? Which ones? I’m assuming a crank/no start condition after it dies. Try a shot of ether spray in the intake the next time. If nothing, you’ve lost spark. Crank/cam sensors or ignition modules can fail intermittently. How old is the battery? Good battery connections?

I am not sure about this but I believe the voltage regular in this car is run by the ecm and not built in the alternator. Could it be a ecm problem ? I had an 87 and trying to remember.

I’ve got it at a buddys shop now my common sense says volt. reg hes checking to see if it’s in alt. or not , also has old style computer. so will double check codes in case previous mechanics missed something that could be relevent.I guess I was hoping someone had delt with this before it has the turbo charged 4 cyl. mitsubishi .I’m want to donate this car as it is very clean low mile car but of course have to fix prob first.Really apreciate all the post

Sporadically is not spelled with a T.

Have the battery connections been cleaned and tightened and a basic battery and charging system test been done yet?

This vehicle has a “hall effect device” in the distributor which can fail. Went through this with mine. Very easy to change out and if it never has been done I would change it…Car will die then after it cools off will restart and repeats its self. You need to check for spark or fuel when in a no start condition…

Thanks for the info, can you tell me what the part looks like or its exact name the parts house doesn’t have a clue , also the alternator is putting out just under 16 volts which is too high

Its called the distributor pick up coil.Do a google search, many places have them. It is located under the distributor cap. The one shown here has only one connector, some models had 2 connectors. See which one you have. Just under 16 volts from the alternator is too high. You need to see if the alt has its own regulator or uses the ecm. Where are you measuring the voltage, on the back of the alt or across the battery…If getting 16v on the rear of the alt and a lot lower across the battery you have a problem with the wire from the alt output to the battery. Also before replacing anything you have to get the vehicle in the no start condition. Then see if its spark or fuel.