Stalling going uphill?



Ok, so my girlfriend drives a 1983 Chrysler 5th Avenue. I’ve replaced the fuel filter, fuel pump, and air filter on this vehicle. After this did not work She then gave up on me and took it to a shop, who then replaced the rotor button, cleaned out her fuel lines and added some fuel injector cleaner. When that didnt work I changed the plugs, plug wires and distributor cap. None of this however has solved the problem.

We’re not talking a loss of power at all. The car just doesnt like hills. We get to a hill and goes half way up and then stalls out. Then we crank it for 2 or 3 min and off she goes without a sweat. Mind you, this is any hill no matter how minor. If anyone can help me or requires any additional information from me please feel free to do so. I am about to lose all hope.


It still sounds like a fuel issue to me. Was that an in tank pump? Does it have one or two pumps? Has someone checked inside the tank to check the pick up?

The other thing that comes to mind is a loose ground that is disconnecting. Do the lights go out when this happens? Have you tried adding a temp ground from the battery to the block?


The lights havent dimmed that I’ve seen when it happens. We’ve spent many a night this week on the road side trying to get her started again. The mechanic that cleaned the line said he blew 120psi of air through the line before he decided to clean it. No bubbling in the tank before cleaning but he heard them after. On his test run he said he had no trouble going up hill and even “buried the pedal” up another. That was yesterday. Today we are back to square one.

I dont know if there is another filter in the tank or not. I’m not sure how to check or clean the pick up either.




I wonder if you have rust inside the gas tank that is being sucked up or pumped up when you hit an incline. I agree that this is probably a fuel issue and your solution may be to replace the tank.




I’ve been given three areas to look in by a neighbor of mine. The choke thermostat, and the choke pull off. Followed by the ignition control modulator. Does anyone know how I might determine if they are faulty or have any other suggestions?


Definitely sounds like a fuel starvation problem to me.

Maybe debris in the tank the covers the pick up on a slope? Could there be an in-line fuel filter somewhere that’s been overlooked?