93 Asuna Sunfire-parts

hey, I recently got a rebuilt Asuna Sunfire safetied and this is what the mechanic had to say.

Defects : 1. Right license plate light, 2.right front marker light, 3.all park brake cables,4.right rear link kit loose, 5.Exhaust leak in weld at rear flange, 6.exhaust leak between tail pipe and muffler.

im a bit of a newbie to auto-repairs and i was wondering if anyone could tell me what i need to get done for each of his points. im trying to price the repairs our before i

buy the car.

thanks in advance, Aaron

Apparently you live in Canada. This vehicle was marketed in the US as the Isuzu Impulse and as the Geo Storm. Anyway, my interpretation of your list is as follows:

  1. Replace light bulb
  2. Replace light bulb
  3. Replacement of the steel cables that connect the parking brake mechanism in the cabin with the rear brakes
  4. Replacement of a rear suspension component, or possibly just tightening a bolt or two
  5. Weld rear flange of exhaust pipe
  6. Weld/clamp tail pipe to muffler or replace muffler and tail pipe

I suggest that you take care of items 1 & 2 yourself. Bulb specifications and replacement instructions should be in the Owner’s Mnaual.
While the other repairs should not be expensive, I can’t give you an accurate estimate of the cost.

Just a guess, but I can’t see the repairs costing more than $200 total. The lights can be bought cheap at Canadian Tire, and the rest can be done at the cheapest garage in your area, or just have the Canadian Tire guys do it, too.