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1997 Pontiac Sunfire Possible Transmission Problems

This only happens when I’m going up a steeper hill curving to the left. It sounds and feels as if the engine is trying to go but can’t. I take my foot off the gas and reapply slowly and it’s fine. I contacted a transmission shop and was told if the transmission is slipping that flushing the trans fluid and replacing the filter will not help and more than likely it’ll require a re-build. I love my car but it’s got 145700 miles on it. I’ve had very minor repairs and normal upkeep so far. I’m taking it in tomorrow and I’m wondering if the guy tells me I need a rebuild is it worth it? Is there anything else I can do before going that pricey route? I have terrible credit and don’t think buying a new (or used) car is an option. I have recently changed careers and am starting from the bottom again (after 10 years of being in a totally different industry) so money is a HUGE issue. I just want to be smart and not put money into a car that isn’t worth it. Any advice will be very appreciated!

First of all, get a second opinion. “A transmission shop” is in the business or rebuilding or replacing transmissions, and maybe that’s not what you need.

You say the car has had “normal upkeep” so far. Has that included any transmission fluid and filter replacement? If not, you may be in trouble, but there’s no way to know until a mechanic actually looks at the car.

Don’t assume the worst. Get several opinions from REAL mechanics who actually see the car, not over the phone, and then decide what to do.