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97 Pontiac Sunfire question?

Hi all! I have a 1997 Pontiac Sunfire with 110,000 miles and I have taken great care of it. I have daytime runnings lamps. I noticed about 5 days ago, when I got in it in the morning, I would turn on my headlights, but my daytime running lights wouldn’t go off. So my headlights wouldn’t go on. Eventually (maybe 10 mins later) they would just come on if I had the switch on for the headlights. I had planned to take it to be checked out. Unfortunetly last night, when I went to go to work again, it would crank but not turn over to start. And a “theft system” light was illuminated and blinking red on my dash. I have never seen this light before. It would never crank. 45 minutes later, I tried again and it cranked fine, the theft system light was then constantly illuminated. So I am not sure what it going on. Anyone have any ideas of what it might be or the fix? Thanks so much, look forward to hearing from you all! Thanks so much-

Desperate RN in distress :slight_smile:

Step one might be to inspect all the underhood wiring for rodent damage.