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93 Acura Legend shift lock release and break lights not working

After not being driven and sitting in the garage for about a month, when I tried to use it, the electric shift release was not working and had to unlock it manually with the key. I also noticed the break lights didn’t work.

I checked the fuses and they are good. Also checked the break switch located above the break pedal to see if it is stuck and it is not.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

The brake light switch that is not stuck is also not working. Test it, or just replace it.

Replaced switch and still not working. Horn works so power should be getting to it.
Shift release solenoid does not click when break pedal is depressed with the ignition on, but that should not affect the break lights. Or am I wrong in that assumption
Any other ideas?

Have you checked the brake light fuse?

Fuse 13 is OK

Check to see if there is 12V power to the switch. If there is, check the other side of the switch to make sure there is 12V there when the pedal is pushed. If it’s there follow the wire to find out where it’s broken.

Power in, power out. Where is the shift lock solenoid located and how do I test it? Why would that have anything to do with the break lights? Is it possible break lights circuit, i.e. bulbs, wires, beyond the switch could cause the problem?
It happens the problem occured after an extended period of time of non-use of the car. Is this releant?

The shift lock solenoid, the brake lights and the cruise control system all use the brake light switch to operate. Your foot has to be on the brake pedal to start the car (interlock relay), operate the brake lights and shut off the cruise control. Make sure the new brake light switch is properly installed and “adjusted”. The adjustment part is often skipped.