1995 Acura Legend Transmission or brake issue



My daughter just bought her first car - not even one week and she cannot get it out of park (it is automatic). The brake lights stopped working at the same time - I think it could have something to do with the braking system not recognizing she is stepping on the brake - there is an emergencyy release that when utilized it will shift out of park with no problem - otherwise the button you push to release the shifter won’t budge- almost feels as if it is locked -


open the hood. check the brake fluid level in the brake fluid reservior. if it is low that means two things:

  1. the fluid is low.

and 2. the fluid needs to be filled up.

the car has an interlock system which knows if you are stepping on the brake or not.

however. low brake fluid means that she will be needing a brake job soon. (not sure which front or back or both) but in all probability thats why the fluid is low.


You most likely have a burned out fuse for the brake lights or a bad brake light switch. This problem will keep the shift lever from releasing.


Or a bad switch or miss-adjusted switch.