Saab 95 2002 Transmission

I have a 2002 95 Saab that has an automatic transmission ISSUE.
When I go from reverse to drive (after stopping) the car sits for a second and then it extremely LERCHES into drive.
I only have 96,000 miles on this car.
Last year the turbo blew-out and I had to have that replaced.
The Saab shop I now go to said that there is nothing to do for the transmission, just WAIT until the transmission stops working and then just replace it.

  1. Is this true, just wait until it stops, or is there a ‘repair’ now that will be “cheaper”??
  2. Is there anything with replacing the turbo that could have cause the transmission to go?
  3. Is the car worth having the transmission replaced?
  1. Any repair would likely require removing the transmission and opening the case up. At that point you might as well rebuild it. You might try changing the fluid and filter. Might help, won’t hurt.
  2. No
  3. Seeing as how the car is worth $3500 to $4700, that trans rebuild/replacement may cost you around $3500, its really up to you. How much do you like this car? I have to keep my wife’s 9-5 running forever, cost is no object with a decision like that (did I mention it’s my wife’s favorite car?)
    It will get harder to keep this car on the road as it gets older and farther from Saab’s closing.

How’s your transmission fluid level? I have a 9000 and a 9-5 with auto and have not had a problem with either. I use Lube-gard from the day I buy them (both used) and they shift fine. I think the gear shift lever is attached to a cable. This cable may need adjustment, but I don’t think there is any need for a rebuild. Good luck. (Check the other Saab bulletin board sites for help, too)