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92 Honda Civic engine stall issue

I had an engine running problem recently with my 92 Honda Civic. I felt the car stalling last Sunday when it tried to shift beyond 25 mph. I had to step on the pedal harder to get it to move over 35 mph, then I felt the gear shift and then it ran all right after it reached 35 mph. However, it happened about 80% of time when it had to stop at a traffic light and go during the last couple days. When I pushed the gas pedal, I could hear the engine stall and it slowly moved (took about 40 seconds) from 25 to 35. The prolem seems getting worse today. I checked the transmission fluid and it is low, about 1/3 on the dipstick. I checked the ignition wire and it seemed connected fine.

I recall that I had the similar problem about 4 years ago. I was told the # 2 spark plug well was filling with oil causing the ignition wire to short out. They replaced the value cover gasket, spark plugs and ignition wires and charged me around three hundred bucks. Would this be the same issue again? Or it is something else?

Thank you for your advice.

HOLY COW…DID YOU RE-READ YOUR POST BY ANY CHANCE? I’m on my 4th reading of it…I dont have my red pen handy but…I’m looking for it…

It sounds like you have an ignition miss… Did they replace the Distributor Cap…and rotor? I dont see that listed here. Make sure that your spark plug holes arent filled with water or oil… and make sure that your wires, Distrib cap and rotor were changed. If not…replace that cap and rotor asap and see what you get. I was having a hard time reading thru your post…for a while there LOL

Who ever did that work on your car was a bit heavy handed as well. $300 bucks-ish is A LOT for the items I see listed. JEEZ