96' Accord wont start when wet out

Gentlemen (lol), I have a 96’ Honda Accord 2dr 4cyl 5spd 212K miles. Bought it off a friend mechanic. Was his daughters car and he well maintained it. I also have repair what was needed all the time.

So, now to the problem When it is wet out the car has great difficulty starting. I can crank it off and on for minutes and nothing. Recharge the battery and usually get it goin. I have had the distributor replaced ($500). For a few days, it worked great. Now back to same problem. It will turn over very well, just wont fire. When car is heated up, starts fine. I know it is a moisture problem, just don’t know where to head to next. Spray the wires?

I would replace the wires, the dist. cap and rotor, and even the plugs. Moisture clings to dust, dirt, and then the spark arcs to ground without reaching the tip of the plug. Once the arcing starts it creates carbon “tracks” which don’t clean off and that makes the arcing “easier” so the situation deteriorates. Replacing all the above should make a difference.

Ditto to what UncleT said. The parts he’s describing are what’s called ignition “secondary” parts, which means they’re the ones carrying voltage high enough to jump the spark plug gap to ground. Give them any other easier path to ground and the voltage will use that instead of firing the plug.

I’m curious, did you have the distributor changed to try to solve this problem? Was it via your instructions to the shop, just a guess on your part, or did they suggest it? Did they do any diagnosis first? Any idea what they did?

The plug wires should be replaced if they have not been changed in the past. You could try spraying some starter fluid into the intake to see if that makes a difference in the starting. If it does then the trouble may be with the fuel system.

Yes, I had it changed for the problem. I found that if I spray starter fluid in the air intake it will start with a lot of sputtering. My brother is suggesting to change fuel filter. I am also inclinded to think of the fuel pump (maybe)!? Have sprayed the wires and electrical stuff under hood with some DRY WIRE (sprayed everything librally). That didn’t seem to do anything. Sunny today, so should start fine. At least now I can get it started in wet weather by starter fuid.

The starter fluid does suggest a fuel issue - but the connection to dampness (if you are truly certain about that) does suggest the root is with electrical power supply rather than the fuel pump. Check out your fuel pump fuse & relay for signs of moisture related issues. Do the same with the power connector at the fuel pump.

Of course, the starting fluid could be coincidental.

I am definately sure it is moisture related. When is rains, fog, high humidity, that is when I have trouble starting. Sunny and warm, it starts. Also when engine is warm, I have no probs starting it. 1st crank and away we go. No fuse for the fuel pump and book is not much help either. Need to dig to find the fuel pump relay and maybe fuse. They must be located somewhere else, not in the eng. compartment I suspect. Thanks for all the comments. It helps.