'92 Honda Accord wagon that doesn't want to start sometimes

I have a '92 Honda Accord wagon that doesn’t start sometimes. The starter has been replaced and the battery is newer. It’s had a tuneup recently. It sometimes doesn’t want to start when the weather is warmer, sometimes in the morning when it’s cool, sometimes when you start the car and the engine doesn’t catch, then it won’t start at all…then you have to wait a few minutes then sometimes it does start, sometimes not for another 5-6 hours. It has about 213,000 miles on it. My brother is pretty good with cars, and he hasn’t been able to figure out what’s wrong. Please help us! Thank you! :slight_smile:

If by not starting you mean the engine is being physically cranked over by the starter motor but the engine itself will simply not run you might consider the following possibilities.

Faulty main relay.
Faulty ignition switch.
Fault in the secondary ignition. (coil, igniter, etc.)
Possible failing fuel pump.

Without knowing if the problem is related to a lack of spark or lack of fuel it’s difficult to narrow it down.
These things are all intertwined to some degree and one can affect the other so I just listed a few things in the order of highest probability; at least in my opinion. Hope it helps.

My guess would be a failing fuel pump or fuel pump relay. Do you hear the 2 second fuel pump buzz from the tank when you first turn the key to ON (before cranking).

I’m not sure. I haven’t noticed it. Sorry. I’ll check tonight and let you know later. Thank you!

The prime suspects are: fhe PGM-FI Relay (“main relay”);
the distributor (with the sensors inside it); and the ignition switch. Each component can cause no-starts, and stalls. The difference is the other symptoms of each one. This article will help you pinpoint the particular faulty component: http://www.tegger.com/hondafaq/faq.html once there, click on your problem description.

8 out of ten times its usually the distributor.if it stalls while your driving,i have also come across the ignition switch, jiggle the key and see if the dash lights flash, if so its probably the problem