Truck won't start

We have a '92 toyota pickup. It won’t start. My fiance and his buddy don’t think it’s the spark plugs or the starter, but could be the fuel pump? what do you think? It’s been super cold as well.

You gave us absolutely no details as to the nature of the problem (what does it do when you try to start it? How old is it? How many miles? What maintenance do you do to it? On what do your fiance and his buddy base their finding that it’s not plugs or starter?), and therefore we can give you no answer.

Hmmm…I can’t tell from here.
Can you park the truck closer to your computer?

Seriously, however, without being able to examine or test the vehicle, none of us would have any clue as to whether the problem results from old spark plugs, or a bad starter, or a weak fuel pump, or a weak battery, or old spark plug wires, or a worn-out ignitor, or a bad fuel pressure regulator, or…

For starters (no pun intended), please clarify “it won’t start” for us.
Does “it won’t start” mean that the starter is turning the engine, but that the engine will not start and run on its own, or does “it won’t start” mean that you get no sound from the starter when you turn the ignition key?
Or, does it mean that you only get clicking sounds when you turn the ignition key?

Haha. It sounds like it wants to start, but it won’t…

it also says that it’s a '92 in the first sentence. 135k for miles.
the guys said the spark plugs were sparking because the wire was off. so i guess they were. the starter is turning over, but not starting all of the way…

With the abundance of information, the first thing I would do just because it has over 100k is replace the plugs. In our line of work we like to test, not guess.

when you turn the key to the on position, the fuel pump isn’t buzzing?