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92 camaro rs relay problem

I just replaced the relay and the fan and it still don’t work. If y’all can help that would be greatly appreciated.

Well a relay will generally have three or more wiles attached. One should be hot full time (at least with the ignition on) usually direct from the battery.

One will be from the sensor that tells the relay to turn on.  I don't know what is common, but this could be either hot (12 volts) or grounded when calling for the fan to go on.  I would guess it is more common for it to become grounded when it is calling for the fan. 

The third wire to the fan which should be hot when The first wire is hot and the sensor is calling for the fan. Don’t just replace parts, check them.

My guess is going to be the sensor.  If you like replacing parts, go ahead, otherwise I suggest you check for voltage or ground and look for a change as the temperature gets hot enough to call for the fan.  (Note: some cars will also call for the fan anytime the AC is on, which includes any time the defrost is on) 

Is that enough to be confusing.  :-)