I have a 95 camry that overheats. The fans only work when I put the fan relays in halfway?

I know the alternator needs replacing but why are the fan relays not working correctly. Also, the top radiator hose is really hot? I replaced the thermostat as well as the coolant reservoir? I also replaced a couple of the fan relays from my older wrecked Camry. Any suggestions? Would the noisy alt that is going out have something to do w/the fans and fan relays not working properly?

Frustrated in B’ham, AL—Jay

If the car is stopped and the engine running while the fans are not operating the engine will overheat, possibly causing cata$trophic damage.

The relay may fail to function when installed fully because it is binding on one of the pins and causing the contacts to become misaligned. Get a male bayonet connector the size of the relay pins and test the sockets that the relay plugs into. You might even try some grease on the pins to see if that eases the connection.

If the battery is charged to 12v+ the relay should function regardless of the alternater but when voltage drops a great many things will fail to operate including that relay.

ok, I will test the sockets like you suggested and I will replace the alt and a hot battery!!!


Does anyone have any more suggestions?

I would simply hot wire the fan with a couple of 12 gauge wires directly going to the battery. If it works it’s not the fan and if it does not its something else. Not sure I understand what you mean by hot radiator hose. It is supposed to be hot to the touch. What does your temperature gauge show after the engine is hot?

Why get a battery if you think it’s the alternator. Save your money and see what happens after you replace the alternator.

What does the inside of the fuse box look like?
Peer down into the connectors for the relays, see any corrosion?

Make sure the pins on the relay and the sockets are lining up properly and a pin isn’t sliding down the outside of the mating socket as you insert them for example.

Are the salvaged relays EXACT replacements for the OEM ones in your model year?

For sure there seems to be a wire connection problem to one or both of the relay sockets. It is most likely with switched power wire lead rather than the control lead for the relay. If the battery is getting hot then it is getting over charged, very bad. The battery may now be permanently damaged. Replace the alternator and have the charging system checked out. If the battery is more than a few years old you should replace also. A good alternator needs to work with a good battery.