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2000 malibu

i got a 2000 malibu and yesterday i saw the temp. going up and i stop and found out that the fans were not working, so i checked the fuses and they looked like there still good so i strip the wire from one of the fans and ran a cable to the battery to see if they worked and it spins.Dose n e one know what could be the problem before i take it to a mechanic. also when u turn one the a/c the fan dosent spin… thanks for ur time

There is a fan relay. If the relay is bad the fan’s won’t work.

I agree with MC, the most likely problem is the relay.

were is it located

is it a gray square box by the brake cylinder

just replaced the relays but still they their not working. u have n e more pointers ill really apreciated

The engine computer uses the fan relay to turn the radiator fans on when the engine gets hot enough, or when the a/c is switched on. It may be the signal from the engine computer isn’t making it to the fan relay. In short, you need that mechanic. Hopefully, you find one who knows how to troubleshoot these electrical circuits.

The engine coolant temperature sensor also may provide input to the computer. If the sensor does not indicate a high temp, the fan won’t be activated.