92 Accord ATF


Hello all,

I recently had my 92 Accord in for an oil change at a “quick lube” place and of course they had a long list of things that “needed” to be fixed immediately. One of the things was that I needed new transmission fluid, and lucky for them I actually did. So I agreed to a drain and fill. Of course they decided to do a flush without telling me but only charged me for a drain and fill after I complained. The flush didn’t cause any damage that I can tell. But, they did pump the transmission full of DexIII fluid which I have recently learned could be the cause of the hard shifting that I experience. So…I would like to start putting in Honda Z1 ATF as many recommend. Will a series of drain and fills do the trick? And will the mix of the two types of fluid be bad in anyway? Thanks.


DO you have a drain plug? If so couple of drain and refills should be the cheaper and probably safer way to go. If you have to take the pan off, then I think I will go for a full flush. YOu have to make sure you go to a reputable shop that knows what they are doing. The have to change the filter again.