Recently replace ATF should I do it again or wait til it happens again?

2002 Honda Accord EX 2.3L Vtec automatic 107,400 miles

My car did not have ATF changed until 105,000 miles due to my ignorance and lack of mention in service manual. In hindsight, there may have been a very slight “flaring” problem with transmission at 105,000 miles but it did not catch my full attention. I should have changed ATF again within 100 miles of the first drain/fill to make sure all new fluid in car.

At around 107,000 miles I noticed that the flares/neutralizing becoming more frequent…nothing too severe just slight bumps and only occurring from 1st to 2nd gear. I had the solenoids/screens cleaned but did not make much of a difference. I asked what color the ATF was, and it was an orange color but not the expected red. Then I had the ATF drained/filled hoping this would solve the problem. (Mechanic would have done this first but noticed that I did change ATF 2000 miles ago and he did not want to shock system???) After driving 250 miles, I’ve noticed that the car barely slips if at all …everyday it gets better and driving smoothly!

My question is should I change the ATF again (making this the 3rd drain and fill) or let things be since things have improved? if you do recommend another drain/fill, should I do right away or wait another 2,000 miles? would changing one more time make transmission worse? I figure by the 3rd drain/fill, I should have close to brand new fluid. I’m worried that after a few thousand miles, flares will return.

thank you!!!

Honda claims that it should be drained and filled 3 times each time it is changed. I suppose you could change it again, but whatever damage is done can’t be corrected. I don’t know that it is damaged, I’m just saying that fluid changes don’t correct past problems. Also, was the fluid replaced with Honda ATX auto transmission fluid? if not, it should be done immediately. That could account for both the orange color and the unusual operating irregularities.

Yes jtsanders, honda brand ATF was used. I figured since I only drained once, that the orange color was due to the old (3 quarts) mixing with the new fluid. Changing the fluid greatly reduced the flares. The shift from 1st to 2nd is so much smoother!!! I’m hoping if I change one more time that the problem will be gone or at least act as a bandaid.

thank you

First change you get rid of approx 50 % of the fluid, Second change 25%, third change 12.5%. Tou are now up to 87.5% new fluid.