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92 3000gt help

Got a 92 Mitsubishi 3000gt replaced battery didn’t start the car as soon as I plug in ground car makes a chipiring noise with car being off and key in my pocket is something stuck? Please help.

Does it have an alarm?

That is an alarm system…probably aftermarket. After a power disconnect, when you re up the power…the alarm will be triggered and the siren and starter kill will be active. You need to hit the disarm button on the remote to stop it…if it is still functional.

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I have the key but it doesn’t have the remote what can I do

@Ulises_Martinez Look in the drivers foot well area… There will be a button or switch that looks like someone added it… or look for a button on your dash that is not factory… Turn the key all the way to the run position…and push the aftermarket button…or actuate the switch to engage Valet mode and disable the system.

Valet Mode On = Alarm Disable

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Thanks G it worked