91 Subaru loyale 1.8 engine miss and hesitate and stall

My subaru when i start it in the morning is stalls imedietly, when i pull out of the driving it wants to stall. going up our hill it stumbles and misses. check engine light is on. When warmed up coming to a red light it hovers around 500 rpm and sometimes stalls.

The first step is to have the stored trouble codes read. This car’s OBD system will not give the same kind of details that the later OBD II systems do, but at least it should help to point you in the right direction. And, if the car’s maintenance is not totally up to date, you should really take care of that list before you start throwing parts at the situation.

anyway i can read them myself like i could in my 96 grand caravan?

This should be one of those “count the flashes” situations.

how do i engadge the flashing sequence?

I am a bit hazy on how to do this, but I do recall “jumping the contacts” with a piece of wire. Sorry for the vagueness.