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96 Taurus AC suddenly quit

Well, let me rephrase that, the AC works but blower motor doesn’t. When you put your hand up to the vents, they’re cold.

Long story short, I ran my AC on MAX on way home from work, driving time of approx. 35 minutes. I got home, showered, and got back into car to go downtown to store. It was then I discovered that the AC wasn’t coming on, and it was still on max. I shut it off and turned it back on, but to no avail. I checked all related fuses, or at least what I think is related and checked my “Taurus Bible” the chilton manual. I swapped out a blower motor relay and it didn’t work, but i’m not sure that relay was or was not good, it was out of a '96 E-250 at work.

So now I get out my test light. I pulled the connection from blower motor, connect it and turn on AC and light comes on. Vents are getting cooler. So I get my tool and pull the radio and climate control assembly. I pull the plug to the actual fan connection, the part that connects to the fan switch that controld fan speed. I’m getting nothing there.

Is there a relay I don’t know of? I know the AC still works because vents are still getting cold, but I can’t get air to move. A LONG time ago it did this but “corrected” itself. What is my next step? I’m not sure what to check next and my repair manual is leaving me in a boat with no oars.

More details of car:
1996 Ford Taurus
3.0 V6 Vulcan motor, 8th VIN is U
188,000 miles
White 4 door
gray interior
3 car seats
GoodYear Tires
inflated to:
33lbs LF
34lbs RF
36lbs RR
35lbs LR

Just kidding about the rest of the useless info. It was worth it if it got a chuckle out of you. Thanks again for your time and expertise!

If I remember correctly the blower motor has constant battery voltage and the switch and resistors are the ground. So you’ll always have power at the blower. You need to check for ground at the other wire.

Or you could plug everything back in, turn on the A/C, and bang on the motor with your fist and see if it works then.