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Cannot find the Blower motor relay on a 99 sebring

I am not able to get my blower motor to run at all (no A/C, no vent, No Defrost, No heat…nothing). I have replaced the resistor and it still does not come on. I have taken the motor out and directly started it on the battery and it runs. I have a relay to try, but I cannot find it. Can someone please help me figure this thing out.

There is no blower motor relay on your vehicle. All the blower motor speeds are controlled thru the AC/Heater control module in the dash.


There’s Probably A Fuse For The Blower Motor’s Circuit. It’s Probably A Green 30 Amp Fuse.

I’d bet you’ve got a fuse / relay box underhood and one inside the passenger compartment. I’d bet that fuse is inside the vehicle.

Have you got the Owner’s Manual ? It should help locate the fuse.