Cold starting

I have a 1996 Ford Contour with a standard transmission. I am having trouble with the clutch safety switch and starting the car. The switch seams to work when I press it by hand or pump the clutch paddle to the (sweet spot). The first start of the day or after the car sits for hours is when the problem occurs.

Replace the interlock switch for the clutch pedal.


I replaced the switch and still had the same results, now I bypassed the switch and I had to turn the key switch several times this morning before it started. Is there a secondary switch? What is the switch on the top side of the clutch pedal?

I am going to suggest that you have a fuel pump/pressure problem. If you turn the switch on and off the pump cycles and might build pressure. Have you replaced the fuel filter recently?

I have not replaced the fuel filter. I was checking under the dash and moved some wires that where attached to an interlocking switch on the upside of the clutch pedal. The switch test ok but the wires seem to be loose. A bit of tape, reinstalling the clutch interlocking safety and the car starts every time,(this evening). I will see what tomorrow morning brings.