Should I fix it (1998 Pontiac Formula Firebird)?

Hey everyone, I’ve got a 1998 Formula Firebird that I have owned since it was brand new. I drove it for 10 years and put 127,000 miles on it. Not long before I stopped driving it I got in a fender bender and cracked the driver’s side fender, the front bumper and mangled the flip up headlight. Obviously those parts would need to be replaced, but on top of that the synchros in the T-56 transmission are shot and believe it or not the original clutch is still in there. Yes, I put all those miles on one clutch and the last 10,000 or so it was barely hanging on. In addition to all that mess the car has been sitting for almost 4 years without running… the tires are flat it’s got layers of dust on it and what little gasoline was left in the tank is probably pretty nasty.

The big question… should I fix it or scrap it? It’s got some sentimental value to me, but it seems like it would be a lot of time an expense to get it going. I had planned to do the tranny rebuild and clutch swap out myself, but I never had the time or money. Now that I have the means I’m not sure it would be worth the end result.

Any suggestions? If I fix it, what should I do before trying to start the engine? Someone told me to pull the plugs and put some oil in there to lubricate the cylinders. Obviously I would change the oil, coolant, and put a new fuel filter on too. Dropping the tank to drain it is beyond my mechanical ability, I was thinking maybe a new filter and new gas (there wasn’t much left in there) would suffice.

Thanks in advance for the advice,


Only you can answer the main question of “is it worth it”, because the answer hinges on how much sentimental value the car has to you.

Personally, I would sell it “as is” unless you like to tinker and have the time, money, and desire to do so.

If you can replace a clutch and transmission as you say, dropping the gas tank is no big deal and most likely not beyond your ability.

Good luck.

If you’re asking if you’ll get your money back, then no (unless you can do all the work yourself). If it’s special to you, only you can say.

I would sell the car as-is. There are a lot of young people out there that would love to fix up the Firebird and drive it. Give them a break and part with the car.