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91 Camry Starting

Hey, I have 91 camry that when you go to start it, it turns over then makes a chugging/choking sound and wont start. battery is good bc the radio/lights/etc come on, and i can put everything into gear. Its about 35 degrees here so im hoping that it may just be needing some antifreeze which is on the way, but i was wondering if anyone might have any tips on this. thanks

I would have someone “jump” start your Camry. A battery can have enough power to run your radio and lights for hours but won’t operate the vehicle starter. It all comes down to amperage. Have your battery and alternator checked when you get the Camry running. One or both are possibly bad. If both check out then look for a parasitic draw on your battery while the vehicle is parked.

Excellent advice from Missileman, as always.

Also, once you get it running, I’d do a complete tuneup with new plugs, ignition wires, distributor cap (which on this car is married to the ifnition wires), rotor, and filters.

New antifreeze won’t get it started. But it’d be a good idea to drain the system and refill it with new antifreeze once you get it running anyway. If it’s crudded up, a flush might even be in order.

Post back with how you make out. I had a '91 Camry, and they’re pretty good buggys…albiet a nit “dated”. How many miles do you have on yours?