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Electrical Problem - Won't Start (1991 Camry)

Hi Folks,
So my 1991 Toyota Camry won’t start.

I get a single click and sometimes a very strange electric stutter/gurgle (think I should call in just the try it on air…). Dash lights come on, dome light too. Windshield wipers work, but slowly as do the automatic seat belts that come back and choke you when your not ready for them (also slower than they should be). No radio, no driver or rear power windows, but the passenger side works as does the sun roof. The battery looks pretty new and the connections are spotless and firm.

Had the battery run down once before about a month ago… Jumped it and all was well for a while. We don’t drive it much, not even daily. Also has temporarily failed to start maybe 5 times in the past 8 months. In those instances I get the rapid clicking and the power in the car seems normal. After a couple of tries it starts right up. Not sure how old the starter is, but I doubt it’s recent.

Any ideas? I’ve checked the boards and found some stuff (power drain, solenoid, starter, clutch switch or something), but the power windows thing is pretty weird…


If it starts with a jump buy a new battery.

How old is the battery? The starter solenoid is suspect in Toyotas, mine required replacement. But first chech the battery and cable connections.