92 Camry question

Apologies in advance - I know precious little about cars.

My wife’s Camry is refusing to start. When the key is turned, there’s a single brief chug like it tries to roll over then stops.

I replaced the battery about this time last year.

To my untrained ear it sounds like the starter is giving up. I can release the key and try again, same symptom. One chug and it stops.

Any ideas? I don’t want to tow this somewhere until I confirm that a dummy like me can’t fix this himself and be a hero to his wife. Thanks for reading!

First, make sure the battery cable connections are clean and tight.

Will it start with a jump? If so, the battery is weak. This could mean the alternator is not charging correctly.

I suggest having both the battery and the alternator tested. Most parts stores will do this free, but you have to drive the car to the store.

If both the battery and the alternator are good you could start looking at the starter, but don’t jump to any concusions until you do some testing.

I had a similar issue with my 92 Camry, replaced the battery and 9 months later thought I needed another one. Turned out my alternator was only putting out 10 amps!! Not enough to keep the battery charged when the lights, heater, and radio were on. Charge up the battery and get the charging system checked out.