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91 Camaro Z28 no fire

New distributor and coil, what else can it be???

Are all DC voltages present and of the correct value?

Im not sure I am going to check in a little while. Can you tell me what to look for The motor is the 5 litre tuned port. Should I have power to the coil plug with the key on. how does this ignition system work? ICM fires coil??. The car was running fine 2 days ago, and all of the sudden it started popping and backfiring. Then it quit and has not had fire since. Sorry Used (NOT NEW) dist. but the coil and the ICM are new.

Popping and backfiring? You might want to check if the timing chain jumped time.


If the timing jumped it would still get fire… wouldnt it?

Yeah, but at the wrong times, possibly when the valves are not fully closed. Popping and backfiring may result. Tester’s theory is valid, as usual.

I am getting no fire at the plugs or the coil. If the ignition system was failing would it also cause backfiring and popping?

If you’re saying that there’s no spark at the sparkplugs, then you should probably check this out.


Thanks, That is VERY helpful info. am going now to test ignition components will post results later today… Thanks again for all help