alright i have a 95 camaro that i just rebuilt the motoe with lots of high preformance parts and i have lost all the egr and air stuff under the hood. i was driving my car after only putting on 5 miles from the muffler shop and i want to advance. when i left i came back to my car i tried to start it and it seemed to hit but then it just had a bad sound like a spark knock and now it has no spark at the coil. Ihave checked all of the fuses and im wondeing if it is the optispark bacause it has 132,000 on it and its still the gm unit??? o yeah and the computer is tuned for the bigger cam and it was tuned for no cats but in my state i have to run them

thanks for any help


I found an interesting article about Ooptispark systems that references arc-over problems. This type of problem could cause inappropriate ignition spikes and, once a carbon path is formed creating in essence a new circuit, become a continuous failure and render the system effectively inoperative.

Yeah, this looks like a possible cause. See the link.



so i guess it has to be the opti spark or my wiring harness???

ive never seen a fuse get blown if something wasent hooked up lik i unhooked the opti and it still blows the fuse???

so what could it be?


I saw in your post that you had checked the fuses, and since a blown fuse was not mentioned assumed that meant they were good.

A blown fuse can only mean that you have a short to ground somewhere in the circuit. Only with a multimeter and a schematic are you likely to find it. The good news is that the problem is solated to the circuitry associated with the fuse.

When you disconnected the optispark, did you disconnect the primary or just the ignition wires?