Car won't start in 88 mustang

I had trouble getting car to start, figured out it wasn’t getting any spark, so I replaced the plugs, wires, and then my distributor. Now every time I try to start it it starts backfiring like crazy. What could be wrong with it??

Have you checked for a jumped timing chain?


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Yes, I do not think it’s a timing issue, thx for response

So did you install the distributor 180 degrees out of time? That would cause backfiring through the carb.

I assume the new distributor came with a new TFI ignition module?

Have you checked the ignition timing with a light? This must be done with the SPOUT connector disconnected. Failure to do will cause the timing to be about 10 degrees out of whack.

Another idea, if you have any cylinders misfiring, that can cause backfiring. the raw gas goes in, then right back out and you end up with fuel and air in the tailpipe. That ignites from the hot gasses of another cylinder which did fire, and bang, a backfire. Usually an auto tech can tell if there’s misfires – absent misfire codes – just by listening to the engine at idle. Have you ohm’ed out all the SP wires? You need to be 100% sure you have a good connection from the distributor cap all the way to each spark plug.

Are you sure you have the firing order correct ?


That was my first thought.
Other than keep throwing parts at it, something’s bound to happen.

You probably installed some of the wires incorrectly.