90K maintenance



I have a 2001 Mazda 626 with 90k miles. I did the 60K maintenance at 67k miles. Should I do the 90K now or can I wait until I’m closer to 97K miles?


Maintenance is done on the basis of odometer mileage AND/OR on the basis of elapsed time, with the proviso of “whichever comes first”.

For instance, that 60k service was probably specified as “60k miles OR 60 months, whichever comes first”. The elapsed time part of the schedule is to take care of cars that accumulate odometer mileage slowly, which is actually much more damaging to the engine than piling up the miles quickly.

I would suggest that you adhere to the elapsed time proviso if you want to avoid…
…oil sludge…
…a rusted cooling system…
…rusted-out brake hydraulic lines…
…early transmission failure…
…reduced gas mileage…
…possible starting problems.

The old saying–You can pay me now or you can pay me later–is relevant in this situation, and–trust me–paying later in the form of repairs is always more expensive than doing maintenance on a timely basis.


Thanks. I wondered if the elapsed time was part of the picture. I’ll schedule the 90 K now. It’s been a great car and I want to keep it going.


“I wondered if the elapsed time was part of the picture”

Car maintenance shouldn’t be a mystery, and–fortunately–most of the mysteries can be cleared-up with a careful reading of the mfr’s maintenance schedule.

I’m very glad that you have decided to schedule that service, rather than deferring it.
Just be aware that it will be pricey.