Mini Cooper S 2006 convertible - 5,000 miles

I purchased this car last year October 2006 from a private party. At that time the car had 4,344 miles. I took it to the dealer for service since it didnt have the service. My question is since the car is over 2 years old with low mileage should I take it in for service as though it has been driven since 2006?

I’m a “senior” citizen and do read and follow the maintenance book.

Thank you

If you do read the maintenance book, then surely you have noticed that each service interval has a mileage value as well as an elapsed time value. Since this is clearly a vehicle that accumulates miles slowly, you need to follow the elapsed time values for maintenance (example: every 7,500 miles or six months–WHICHEVER COMES FIRST).

If you don’t do your maintenance procedures on the basis of elapsed time, your engine and transmission will not last as long as they should, and you will encounter repair costs that could have been avoided with proper maintenance.

Read that maintenance schedule again for clarification.

I would read the maintenance recommendtions and do only those that make sense; if the air filter has to be repalced at 24 months, it probably does not need it, but you can do it since its is cheap.

Other things like front wheel alignment, for instance, don’t make sense, should they be specified.

For instance, on my Toyota, at 24 months a falirly elaborate inspection, including brake linings, and rotating tires, is required. It would be foolish for you to do that.

I recommend to go to a good mechanic and he will know what makes sense.

Minis and BMWs both use the on-board computer to determine when they need to be serviced. The mileage until next service comes on at start up. I would make sure you change the oil at least once a year, otherwise I can’t imagine the car will need anything big until at least 30k. I think scheduled maintenance was free on your car during the warranty period, so be sure and get everything done at the dealer.