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Is 30K worth $2650 when buying a used car?

We are considering two Mazda 5s, one having 30,000 miles more than the other, and costing $2,650 less.

Can anyone comment on this in general, and in specific to this car?

Thank you!

What year and what are total miles on each?

Also: how much maintenance will the two cars both require? Tires, rusted muffler, fluid changes (oil, coolant, transmission, brake, etc), belts, hose leaks, inability to pass Emissions test, fuel filter, no spare tire, etc.

Then other issues: broken CV boots, axl replacement needed, electrical.wiring issues, and tranny condition. Someone who rarely changed the oil could have left a bunch of muck resulting in a temporarily-running lemon.

The car costing $2650 less may need $4000 in upcoming repairs. OR the less expensive one could end up being the better maintained car. (I’m selling my pristine Honda Civic well-below market value - to be charitable to a local buyer in town who’s in dire need of a reliable car).

The difference from 60K to 90K miles is significant in a car with a timing belt. At 90K you are getting into the timing belt replacement zone in many cars. 90K is also a “major” service in many cars, all the fluids changed for instance.

The difference between 100K and 130K might not be a big deal, so what are the model years and milages on the cars?

Sorry for the incomplete info. One car is a 2010 with 25K miles and the other, cheaper by $2,640, is a 2009 with 55K miles.

The $2,640 difference in price isn’t just the extra 30K miles. Being a year older accounts for about 1/2 the price difference. At 25K miles the 10 is ready for new tires? At 55K if the '09 has a recent set of tires that would help. Expect the '09 to need new brake pads shortly. If it has had a recent brake job that would help. The extra 30K miles don’t put me off, but things like replacing tires and brakes do cost money. I’d research on to see what the differences are between model year '10 and '09. Sometimes a newer type tranny, or motor changes can affect mpg and reliability. Also check Consumer Reports.

The car with the most complete and documented service history would get my strong attention.

Still way too little information. Which Mazda5 model(s) are they, and what options do they have? Who is selling them (dealer, private seller)?

I dunno, they are only allow 8 cents a mile for the extra mileage which doesn’t seem like much considering a year older. I think I’d go for the 2010. At 25K it’ll be like new with a warranty for another 25K.