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Acura integra won't start when it gets hot outside!

My mother-in-law’s 1993 Acura Integra won’t start when it’s been sitting outside in temperatures over 85 degrees. It starts in the morning and it starts after the sun starts going down and the temperature starts to cool down. I’ve been told it “could be” a dead spot on the fuel pump, a problem with the cap & rotor, a coil pack problem, among other things. I don’t want to just start replacing things if they don’t need replacing. Anyone have any suggestions, or has anyone ever heard of this type of thing happening? HELP!!!

A number of threads on this message board have mentioned a problem with Hondas where a relay under the dash doesn’t work when the interior gets too hot. This sounds like that problem.

Yep its the fuel pump relay most likely. Under the dash panel on the left of the steering wheel. About $60. It turns the fuel pump on. They are prone to not working when it is hot out but Acura will argue about it.

 Try holding the gas pedal down half way when you crank it first time, cranking it for about 5 or 6 seconds until it starts.  If that doesn't help, look for the relay under the dash and change it as suggested above.  Good luck!  Rocketman

It’s called the Main Relay. The fuel pump relay is part of it and this the part that causes the problem when the interior of the car gets hot.

My 1990 acura did the same thing and it is the main relay.