90 Fleetwood D'Elegance FWD

Have a 90 FWD Fleetwood D’Elegance can any one tell me how to tell if I have the standard suspension or the heavy duty suspension in it . The rear has the air struts and coil springs that came on the car new . The front has the regular struts with the coil springs . Is that standard suspension or heavy duty ? Thanks ! MAUSERON 1

I don’t think Cadillacs came with optional HD suspension. After all it’s a luxury car with a “luxury” ride. The air suspension part may have been an option; it allows you to carry heavy loads in the trunk and level the car that way.

If you go here, https://www.rockauto.com/catalog/catalog.php, there’s three front spring options for your vehicle.


I looked at Edmunds and there are no suspension options on the car. That does not mean that a past owner did not change the suspension. I would guess that you are correct about the air shocks as standard on the rear. The front may have been air shocks too originally.

Thanks a million , from what it looked like when I got the car it never had air struts on the front on on the rear. I finally found out that it has the FE1 suspension on it from the rpo codes ! Thanks again !