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MB e320 suspension

Several years ago, I was having problems with the front suspension. Last year, I was told I had a broken spring and that they should both be replaced. Still have questions about front suspension. This time they said I have a problem strut and that they both should be replaced. Should the struts have been replaced last year at the same time the springs were replaced? I am unfamiliar with the suspension. thanks.

No need to replace the struts if they aren’t leaking and the tire isn’t dribbling like a basketball over rough roads. And they should be replaced in axle pairs, like the springs.

If the car had some serious miles on it, they should have suggested strut replacement when the springs were being done.

They fixed the spring problem and the struts now is a different problem. You don’t say what year or miles or which model this is so guesses are that all can be offered.
Second opinion is in order here.


Is this a 1994 or 1995 . . . ?

Because later model E320s did not have struts . . .

Can I assume the car has well over 100K miles?

What does the car ride like?

Very important question . . . is it a wagon?

I’m asking, because the wagon’s suspension was significantly different, and could affect the kind of advice you get

Is the ride rough, or is it like a yo-you every time you go over a bump?

BTW . . . if this is indeed a 1994 or 1995, the car has MODIFIED McPherson struts. Meaning the springs set NEXT to the strut. My point is this . . . the coil springs are replaced WITHOUT removing the struts and putting them in a vise. You wouldn’t have saved much labor if you had chosen to have them replaced at the same time as the springs

You’re correct in the sense that if the left front spring is broken, you should do both front springs at the same time. Same thing goes for struts, especially at your kind of age and mileage

It’s entirely possible the first time the only problem was the spring, and the second time the only problem was the strut. When replacing either, the job has to be done in pairs. For safety sake, no one sided spring or strut replacement. I think you are probably ok as is. You might argue the first time they should have priced out both items at the same time and gave you the option. But they didn’t, and they probably didn’t b/c they were trying to save you some $$. So count your blessings and drive on and keep smiling.