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90 Camry Pass. Axle and control arm replacement... weird noise?

1990 Toyota Camry DX
I just replaced the passenger side control arm and ball joint assembly and CV axle. As soon as we did it, this weird grinding noise started happening. I tried to hammer out the dust cover and make it straight but it’s still making that sound. Just put brand new brakes on and it’s still making that sound. Sounds like metal to metal contact but idk where it’s coming from. Car only makes that sound when the car is in motion, especially at low speeds. Attached is a video
I dont know what we did wrong, because I’m pretty sure everything was put back together properly and I dont want to take everything apart again. Please help

You might want to take the wheel off and spin it by hand to get a better feel of where the nose comes from. Sounds like something is scrapping against the dust shield.

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Did you tighten the axle nut to the proper torque spec?

Or did you tighten it with an impact gun?


Everything torqued to spec

Weird thing. When putting the wheel back on and the car was still up , the wheel wasnt freely spinning

That is a bit of a hint, is it not? Jack it up, pull the wheel and start turning. You should be able to feel the noise as much as hear it. Check to make sure the brake pads are not on backwards (yeah, it happens, just check), the dust shield is not rubbing or something on the drive axle isn’t hitting.

The wheel doesnt spin unless it’s in drive though. No matter how much you try to spin it, it wont move

It won’t turn by hand with the transmission in neutral?

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