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Just had front axles/boots replaced Now Grinding Noise and some vibrating


What would cause noise grinding type and feeling after having axles/boots replaced this morning on my 2005 Outback.
Car seems noisy and vibrating

Seeing as how a grinding noise is involved I would be concerned that one of the halfshafts has not been fully seated and locked into the tranmission or a halfshaft retaining nut has not been properly tightened. This can lead to bad news if it strips out the carrier in the transmission or the hub splines.

This car should be driven as little as possible until the cause is determined.

It’s also possible that if the axles were rebuilt unit that one of them could be bad although generally speaking a halfshaft will not make a grinding noise unless it’s completely devoid of grease.

I just had a similar problem and the culprit was a loose bolt. Lucky for me, it was a cheap, easy fix! Coulda been a lot worse, though. Hope it’s just a loose bolt!

Oh Gosh…The car had a burning smell from the front. When this guy put it up on the lift I could see the rubber boots part were torn and there was some fluid that had leaked out. (not much).
It sounds like the car is loud like its the engine. But I could feel when I pressed the gas pedel it felt and sounded like a grinding sound. There was some vibration also.

The burning smell due to torn axle boots is generally not a major issue and is due to grease from the CV joints being thrown out onto the exhaust system. When the shafts were replaced they should have cleaned this off. Just mentioning that in case the burning smell still exists.

IF the smell still exists and IF the old grease was cleaned off during the axle change then there’s the possibility that an incorrectly installed axle that is not fully seated in the transmission could be allowing gear oil to leak out. This is also bad IF that’s the case and should be noticeable with spots on the drive or garage floor.

It could be a loose nut or bolt somewhere, take it back ASAP and get it checked, it could be dangerous. But if you got remans instead of new axles, my experience says its the axles themselves. I have had nothing but trouble from remans. You can get brand new aftermarket axles made in China for about the same price as a reman and the quality is close enough to the OEM that that is what I would recommend for an older vehicle. An OEM from the dealer will run 4-6x as much.

BTW, ref your second post, was that before or after the axle change?