'89 Subaru GL Wagon 4WD Turbo - Weird Noise


I have a '89 Subaru GL Wagon 4WD Turbo. The front right driveaxle was replaced 1.5 year ago and the front left driveaxle was replaced about 6 months ago.

When nobody is on the passenger seat and I turn the vehicle to the right or unload the right driveaxle, a rattling noise can be heard which seems to come from the right side. This noise never occurs when the right driveaxle is loaded (left turn or passengers or cargo on the right side of the car). I inspected both front driveaxles, and they look OK. All the boots look good (no cracks).

Does anybody have an idea of what’s going on? Is it just a poorly rebuilt driveaxle? And why noise only when the driveaxle is not loaded?

Thanks for your help.


That sounds a bit like a CV joint or bearing.

That’s my thought too, but the driveaxle on this car is a whole assembly. I can’t remove just the CV joint or open a boot to check inside. I just did a tune up of my ignition system and changed the oil and took the time while I was under the car to look closely at the driveaxle… nothing unusual. And the car dives straight and pulls straight… I guess I’ll just have to live with this noise. Sounds almost like a pierced exhaust but it’s not the muffler or the exhaust lines. I checked those too.


The exhaust heat shields on those cars can make quite a racket.