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Driveaxle noise

I Have a 96 geo prizm with just over 200k. 5 speed man. I just installed a clutch, tie rod ends (in and out) both sides,wheel bearing and seals both sides,and a drive axle on the passenger side. I replaced the drive axle on the driver side a few yrs ago. I had several noises before I replaced all this stuff. now I only have one, and its sounds like a big bearing noise,but it is not the wheel bearing I know what that sounds like I have replaced them 6 times(that is another story).it resonates at the same rpm as the wheel rotation.I see nothing on the exterior of thr drive axles. it sounds like it is coming from the new drive axle.

It’s not unheard-of for a rebuilt CV joint to be bad right out of the box.

It might be the axle. Who put it in? Did it seat just right and feel tight on install? Or were there issues? You might have a bad rebuild, assuming everything went together well.

everything went together real well, for all the work I did I was very surprised and impressed